Mission & Vision

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To enthuse, enrich, empower and enlighten the young scholars of the school with a view to make them all inspired young Indians who turn out to be the pride of their Nation by striving hard to make this whole world a better place for the entire creation of God.

Our Mission

  • To Explore all the strengths of the children.
  • To Empower the young minds with the strengths of knowledge.
  • To cultivate time-honoured values and virtues in the children.
  • To develop self-faith in every young mind.
  • To equip every young learner of the school with the learning that enriches and inspires.
  • To make every student self-inspired, self-motivated and self-driven.
  • To nurture every young soul in a manner that it turns out to be the pride of the Nation.