Principal Message

Principal: Mrs. Rajbir Kaur

Welcome to Indian Heritage Public School

As Principal of Indian Heritage Public School, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all our children and their families. We are proud of the wonderful school we have developed and the great learning experiences and opportunities we offer to our students. Our school is committed to providing a quality education for all students that develops the whole child. Our school values underpin all that we do in a supportive and caring environment. Indian Heritage Public School focuses on quality teaching and learning, with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, quests of discovery featuring significant and relevant content for life in the 21st century. Indian Heritage Public School prides itself on embedding technology into the classroom with access for every student and teacher to interactive whiteboards, computer labs, smart classrooms and CCTV monitored campus.

In Indian Heritage Public School, we believe that all children can reach their fullest potential through our holistic programme. We have a team of qualified and dedicated staff to help nurture and develop children’s knowledge, skills and dispositions using an integrated approach. At Indian Heritage Public School, we aim to provide a safe, secure and happy environment where young children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. In school, we introduce every child about core values Integrity, Love, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect, Nurture, Enthusiasm and Resilience. We work hard so that each child will find his learning experience fun, fruitful and enriching and that they will seamlessly transit into the next phase of their education.

We are supporting students through a technological approach. Differentiation tips and regular assessment of skills and concepts give the teacher an effective way to give each student personalized attention. An emotional connection is also made, through spending special time alone with each child. This emotional connection helps them to get empowered and confident hence they become more independent in their approach right from the beginning.

We strive to meet parent expectations of a happy, caring and safe environment amid the rigours of curriculum excellence. Strong leadership and staff involvement is an integral part of our school vision, values and code of behaviour. The staff is enthusiastic and the parents supportive, all leading to engaged students. We are, by enlarge, a school that demonstrates high academic standards where the expertise of staff and parents promote and support our many programs.

We continue to build on our capacities and lead change in our local setting. In supporting children and parents in the delivery of quality holistic education, it is my view that Indian Heritage Public School is well placed as a school of distinction.

I join the staff in wishing you and your family a happy, rewarding and memorable association with our school.

With regards
Mrs. Rajbir Kaur